Fuzzi Logic

The shelves in the refrigerator can be made of plastic, metal or glass. The last option is most comfortable – the shelves of tempered glass very sturdy, easy to clean and does not interfere with browse. In addition, glass shelves look more elegant, and can be highly gruzoustoychivostyu (25 kg) than metal. Fasteners shelves against the nomination, provide very convenient advantage – the shelf can be raised by accident. At the same time, if you need to take out a special shelf clips are easily removed. Dispenser allows the freezer without opening the door glass by pressing a button get ready to ice. It is undeniable advantage for those who like cool drinks.

The system of 'pure water' gives ostuzhennuyu to 8-12 C, well-cleaned, perfect for drinking and cooking water. The filter of the active elements hold hazardous solid microparticles ranging in size from 1 micron and harmful chlorine. System Fuzzi Logic. With the help of a given observed temperature and, depending on the indications of internal sensors is governed by the compressor and fans. Because of their work which reduces the idle, creates a favorable food storage moisture levels and significantly saves energy. The exterior design of refrigerators can be quite diverse. The current company manufacturers a really competing with each other to release most convenient handles for door refrigerators and freezers, 'rounded' corners and equip them to move the rollers.

In our time, the choice ceases for the benefit of built-in appliances, since it allows for more compact devices placed in the kitchen. Refrigerator can be installed outside the door of the kitchen units, and even the most inquisitive glance guest does not find it among the mass of the lockers. If you do not aspire to have a built-in refrigerators, but the white does not suit you, too, do not worry, nearly all of the manufacturers of refrigeration units offer models in different colors – from the popular white through all shades of the spectrum, down to the inky-blue and black. Choose a color that you by heart. And remember that in spite of professional help sales consultants, the final decision on acquisition of a particular model depends only on you. Responsible and thoughtful approach to choosing a refrigerator frees you from many problems and will guarantee you the joy of acquisition.