The Composition

Sam trainmaster strangely sad, and his face brightened only when accounting for the complaint, I sadly noticed that she, for sure, any impact will not have. Budlaku even exclaimed: "Well, now you say is correct!". On drafting a complaint history on the train ended. Of course, one to become a warrior in the field failed. There remains a heavy sediment and a sad realization that all the effort and a long search on the composition of the nerve were only useless beating the iron wall. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic..

All persons to whom I tried to ask, is now by some screws in the wrong, a bad system, which can not be changed. Moldova – not the most prosperous states in the disadvantaged contemporary scene. Political, economic and acute social issues – just a small part of a larger site problems. Orders in Moldova by train – a manifestation of this. On the railroad all intertwined – and politics (at the top level – the leadership – no wonder no one cares about citizens' problems, the concept of law there is not familiar. Bribes for the passage of excess goods, expired visas, etc.

– A usual thing. It turns out kind of rotten in spirit but strong in body system in the system), and the economy (the regular smuggling), social problems (lack of medical care, rude, uncultured staff), aesthetic, moral, etc. It turns out to blame the system, not people? Make van happy in an unhappy country is impossible. Blame the passengers? Blame for the fact that silence used to get used to the situation. It is a vicious circle: citizens can not secure the rights for carriage in train, because the boss does not want to listen to the lonely voices of the conductors, which, in turn, are not supported by passengers. A recent curse all the power, but limited to the lobbies and do not want to do anything. All limited Ogryzko, swearing at the "you – the bad, and I – good." No sight of the root system. There are a couple of options. This is a waiver of protest, humility and patience. Or attempt disagree. Of course, the revolution is nothing, but if the citizens rethink the situation, no longer expected to fall or correction of power and the arrival of the good and righteous people, wrote a collective complaint, incident made public, in short, organized waves of light in the darkness, something would move. As you know, back in 2006, the train would be canceled. But he is still running. Is it time to take something drastic?