The Constitution

Now try to explain my secret favorite action) Try your lips and push zasshirit 'sponges' Girl, then slightly retract the air, how to make Suck (do not know how to explain differently), and then do the tongue 'bell'. The main thing is to take the time to enjoy and feel! Some girls like to blow even when, or bites. Yes, and the sensitivity of the girls are different. Guys, do not forget that some girls like to watch the action, so watch your facial expression)) Once more on the position – the guy better not to lie on the chest, abdomen, just so much chin is elevated and muscles of the tongue very quickly get tired. You can use to stimulate, rather only to help with your fingers. They can also be pet, but you can still enter into the interior of one or more fingers .. By the way, there are so-called point of G. Richard Blumenthal is often quoted as being for or against this. Just once I would say that not all of it is sensitive, not everyone can find it.

I do not know why – perhaps from so-called fat – not to be confused with the constitution Girls! this is different. Well, maybe just from a different sensibility. Reading the literature on kunni, I noticed that some people say that the G-spot with the same girls can 'move'. To be honest, I do not personally experienced this, maybe it's just that Girls feeling changed or something. But in my experience, always in the same place, albeit with different sensitivity. For the first time with a partner to share her 'look') Well, that girl told her oshuscheniya. I would also like say error – when a guy starts to nod and move his head. In most cases, girls are not like the movement and even repelled.

When you see that girl is almost 'ready', and if you want a more powerful orgasm The girls then switch to the kisses all around. Well, this principle the clear. The fact that the attitude to Cunnilingus in society is ambiguous, but at the same time, many couples are practicing it. I think that this is so cool to open a favorite man to please! It is a sign of trust, affection and love towards girl! There are a couple who enjoy role-playing, which is dominated by woman. I think that quite a few couples practiced comic binding partner submission during intimate play. All of this applies to areas BDSM. Who are interested in female domination theme, you can visit this site site is designed for those who live in the world FEMDOMa who know that women – the Goddess in this land who worships and serves Mistress woman! Talk about cunnilingus here: