The Council

Children to receive the news and in complicity with the child Jesus, gave s boring and forced their parents to bring them along with the grandparents. Santa Claus did not want to be less and joined the project in the following Christmas. The Council of elders was reconvened and in gratitude to the children to you have taught us to free the hands of locomotion, and for having managed to reunite families, after a solemn declaration, gave them a Charter of inalienable rights as the play, the have a family, and protect them against child labour. And it is that after learning to walk and go many ways with free hands, we need Christmas to rest, reflect and gather us together to loved ones. The recommendation of Jesus to receive his Kingdom as a child is the key. How to define Christmas? Do not identify it with children? May only be a matter of live it. So these festivals have to trap them, enjoy them and keep his spirit. And if it is not our particular moment, everything starts again from.

Gather us, browse furtively to the important people in our lives, share our concerns, miseries and joys is perhaps an experience that we can only live at Christmas. And it all started because in Jugalandia, children before learning to play, be bored and forced to adopt a strategy for elders finally liberate ourselves from the chaining of the hands to the ground. And many years later, another child, prompted by way of universal and ethereal whooshing his spirit in the form of gravitational force that compels us to go home. If we do not perceive it, look at the sky: East star always illuminates our home at Christmas.