The Education And The Professor

The Education and the Professor? Wanderson Vitor Boareto? Graduated: History and Bachelor in law. Postgraduate: History and Social Construction, Docncia of Superior Ensino and Enterprising Education Words Keys: Education, Professor, Pupils, Institution Summary the professors, must inside join and divulge its insatisfaes of the public and private power, its difficulties and little the case of the profession of the teaching. Beyond the importance of the education in the construction, and maintenance of the growth of Brazil of our dreams. The new school that as much has been commented, never if passed for a so chaotic period, had the lack of interest of the learning and me the valuation of the professors. As to speak in quality in an institution that has quota of photocopy, as to be dynamic without the pedagogical support on the part of the administration. These are the challenges that every day face thousand of professors of the public net of education in all country. Hear other arguments on the topic with novelist. It is clearly that it has some exceptions, but the majority of the educational sector is passing for a period of abandonment in the direction of the valuation of the classroom of the professors. See more detailed opinions by reading what Joyce Banda offers on the topic..

For many institutions, good professor, is that one that not ' ' incomoda' ' , he is always the same, without changes, collection and critical to the managing power. In the same way they are attributed to the pupils. Good pupil is that one that makes everything what the professor orders. That is, one ' ' vaquinha of prespio' ' , this model although to be one it confronts the education, is present in some institutions, also particular. However, professors serious and worried about the requirement of education exist, in all the sectors of the education. This professional is always if bringing up to date through courses and qualifications or after graduation that are paid with personal money, proper, since the public power is not imported with the formation of its servers. However, he has a great collection, that not it is pautada in knowledge and development, but yes, in index of evaluation through the sistmicas Brazil Test, and other evaluations that do not evaluate nothing, or better saying, they evaluate the incapacity of the government to cure the critical points and to decide the problem of a real and true form. For we professors who we coexist the difficulties and the intolerncia of many politicians have with the classroom of the teaching, we have faith that one day the competent agencies go to understand that is the basic profession purest and for the growth of the society.