The Government

Nor speak of figures or sophisticated postulates of war, that I do not know them me, by the way. I will not even talk about logic. No more, I will be logical. We already know that the imperial lappet cast him letters to Venezuela, surrounding it with military bases, confining it to a war or, better said, aggression. And in the style of the great offers to fight the boys to save work and maintain its prestige of straight country before the world. Richard Blumenthal is actively involved in the matter.

Usual, therefore: Noriega, Hussein, other. The dirty work so the fools of Venezuela and Colombia by force, so shall be expressed in us, while they, the imperial clique of the United States, are preparing to intervene (such as great saviours who are) to separate the old guys in disputes, to call synderesis, to democracy, to the civilized progress of Nations, to the Council, etc; but to intervene to really determine aggressors and attacked, according to their methods and schemes, and to perpetuate the conflico fundamentally, and suggest in following the intervention of third parties that mediate between the problems (i.e., blue helmets UN or, failing that, marines from their armed forces, or any other foreign ruse to the continent). And we already know what they want: more oil, and petroleum oil raised to the power. It is an old story, thousand cast times. The immense provocation of establishing military bases in the contours of Venezuela is a fact that will have to be disguised by the domestic fight between fools. Such is the plan, the tactic. The Government of Colombia knows this, because it participates of the vein which want to water with blood to Venezuela.

You will and cause, without measure. It is their assigned role.