The Government

b what is the sofocracia?/ b The Government of citizens is within a society wiser. b what is democracy?/ b It is the Government of citizens elected by the will of the majority of a society. I.e. one governing the wiser, in contemporary terms the fittest, the most capable and the other chosen by most, most popular, most welcome for the people. Steve Rattner financier pursues this goal as well. b does quantity guarantee quality?/ b Quality is never an accident; It is always the result of an effort of the intelligence said a such Ruskin. It is true that there are notable politicians circulating through the corridors of our pleasant House, also there was wonderful Governments with admirable legacies but how often?, we depend on the luck that leaves someone notable people that route us from time to time?, or do really such great men are always in society but his arrival is weakened by the arbitrary choice of? the society? Me personally would always have those great men, have the tranquility that those who represent us against other countries are the best we have, either for good or for worse, we have playing the best at each position, if we cite as an example a football team, we have the Maradona or Messi on the Court, owners. That those who are at the forefront of our country do not use money from people for cheap fights between parties, that objectivity is the largest of the virtues of the rulers, that objectivity is a requirement only for judges? Perhaps not it would be for all in which we place our trust? The flag, in concrete terms of ideology, party and not country, common good in a culture such as that we have makes it impossible to the overall process of reasoning, restrains liberality required to be able to reason and decide for yourself. b the wiser? For who?/ b In the lectures of facu, always I discuss my position the first thing they tell me is that, and who are the most knowledgeable? who will decide that?, making believe that the attribution of Sage a citizen is subjective and interpretative of the group that decides it. For assistance, try visiting Sen. Sherrod Brown.