The Japanese

Good mirror in which we look the Spaniards. Accustomed living with the devastating force of nature, has permeated the Japanese of a deep spirit of brotherhood that moves you to practise mutual aid. The Japanese knows part of a whole which is the community in which it is integrated. His philosophy of life, finds its roots in a traditionalism that connects in the family and work. This is how it projects its role in society that has given rise to the existence of a civic culture, example of everyone.

Japan cannot be conceived from self-worshiping Western individualism. The pride of knowing and feeling part of a whole historical legendary, is that induces the Japanese to prepend your spirit of service to their peers, to their personal interests. This concept of life, is to help you today more than ever; It is that allows you be aware that if you do something that harms another, is hurting it. Images of destruction and death in Japan, may not be more roundabouts. As the barbarian conqueror, the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami, invaded the country of the rising sun, sweeping its way lives and belongings. Not asked permission. They came as if it were their own home. The northeast of the country changed his image forever.

Boats stranded on the roofs of buildings; thousands of wrecked vehicles; buildings in ruins, and people, many people, who today is no longer. The explosions of the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power, have undoubtedly shaken the memory of the Atomic horror of the bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Populations with history and memory, cities who knew what is the coldness of death and humiliation of the defeat, but they understood that sweat and subordination in common, were the only way to resurface. We had to rebuild a nation devastated by the conflagration. And without a doubt, the Japanese realized How to do it. When the time is right, now as when sixty-six years ago, Japan will resurface with renewed strength. With increased experience and wisdom. And is that you as said the politician, orator and French priest Enrique Lacordaire: misfortune opens the soul to a light that prosperity does not see. Cesar Alonso Valdeolmillos original author and source of the article