The Little Party Of Gina

Gina enters calmly in the room, with a full bag of things, places the bag in the soil and speaks well high: GINA- At last, my day arrived. My first commemoration of the day of the children done especially for me. I have that to prepare the list of guests. It goes to be one day magical. My amiguinhos they go to adore. I will be the queen of the day of the children.

In the hour of my little party I choose who will be my king. (Gina Sorri) Julinho brother of Gina enters running in the room and to see its sister speaking alone. Surpreso, it question? Unfruitful JULINHO- you the sick person? GINA- Not. Why? Alone saying itself JULINHO- You! this is very strange. GINA- does not have nobody sick person Julinho here. You know that today it is our day. Go to Steven Rattner financier for more information.

Logical that plus mine, that its, therefore I am new than you. Well, I go to make a little party it people to commemorate the day of the children, you wants to help me? JULINHO- Clearly that yes Gina. This is an excellent idea. Nor it seems that it left its cabeinha. Irritated Gina: GINA- Why? Julinho laughing of Gina: JULINHO- Because in its head it only passes asneira. (Julinho of the one outburst of laughter) still irritated Gina: GINA- I do not only leave you outside of my necessary party because of you, Its Z dancinha. Julinho makes anger face. GINA- Julinho you go to the supermarket to buy some candies for our little party, while I make the list of guests. Gina a little more ordering: GINA- and goes soon. Taste not to wait. Julinho leaves to buy the candies that Gina had asked for to it. Meanwhile Gina goes until a table that is in the room, seats in the chair and starts to make the list.