The Notion Of A Globalized World Economy

Significant increase in the interdependence of countries because of the scale of growth in international trade, services, enhance international financial flows, called the globalization of the economy. Globalization has several reasons. On the one hand, this activity Uryadov countries, which aims to liberalize trade, capital market, etc. Moreover, globalization strengthens the development of information and communication technologies, their general educational use. Globalization of the economy is a controversial phenomenon of the modern world, because it has both positive and negative consequences.

Positive effects of globalization around the world are: * to achieve higher and more stable economic growth * increase in average living standards, a variety of used select * mobilization of a large amount of financial resources are not available to individual countries, * the possibility of using modern technology. The negative effects of globalization of the economy due to the fact that the economies of countries begin to lose their national characteristics, growing dependence of their development from the international economic order. Country's integration into the global economy threatens to partial loss of the ability of governments to manage the country's economic and political developments within the country. Moreover, this threat also applies to countries with lower levels of economic development. At the same time, it does not apply to highly developed countries of the European Union, the usa and Japan, which together control about 50% of global exports and imports.

It is highly developed countries, mainly form the global economic situation. For example, Japan has a large number of qualified personnel, because it able to efficiently produce (with small losses) goods for the manufacture of which requires skilled workers and also specializes in the manufacture of products trudomestkoy: video recorders, cameras, radios, etc. David Ricardo, the famous British economist, to clarify the question about the globalization of the economy has gone even further and found the cause of beneficial international exchange of even those goods, manufacturing which does not depend on natural conditions. He found the principle of comparative advantages. This principle lies in the fact that the international division of labor, as well as world trade each country to produce and more profitable to export those products, manufactured productivity at its plants is the highest. Or, in other words, countries can benefit through specialization in goods that are manufactured with the highest relative efficiency and changes to the goods that they can not effectively produce themselves.