The Presidents

All these projects are receiving today the same resource allocation by the Bank of Alba. It instructed the Ministerial Council of ALBA a “TCP, so that through the executive board of the Bank of ALBA to promote the establishment of a mechanism for technical and institutional cooperation with the Iranian Bank a ” Venezuela. Also instructed the Bank of ALBA to liaise with the Development Bank of the Organization for Economic Cooperation in Central Asia, with the objective of promoting technical cooperation mechanism a “between the two institutions. a reiterated the willingness to join forces to build a solid financial and monetary system and just governed by the decision-making mechanisms transparent and open, which permits participation of all States on equal terms, regardless of neoliberal patterns and prevailing international model since the end of World War II, whose very nature is co -responsible for the current imbalances. The Presidents and Heads of State of member countries signed the framework agreement Alba’s unique system of compensation payment for the creation of a common currency, the Sucre. a Esta initiative marks a new story.

The ALBA presidents a “TCP, in solidarity with the efforts of government and the Haitian people, agreed to allocate five million U.S. dollars in the process of literacy and nine million three hundred and fifteen thousand one hundred ninety-four U.S. dollars for U.S. agricultural development project in the region La Artibonite. Also approved the disbursement of thirteen million twenty-six thousand and ninety-four U.S. .