The Problem

What do I do with the used?, easy, I open my car window and throw them into the street. Friends, that’s what happens in a city, while in the field, where are the cows and sheep, chickens and rabbits. In the fields where is the farmer, with a cigar in his mouth, watching their planting and harvesting, it is opening furrows to run the little water and others using the portable tanks to spread the fertilizer called, sprays of pesticides. (Source: Amazon). Others in their fruit trees with calls insecticides because we must take care of the only earner in the family: meat, milk, cheese tubers and fruits. Why I now wonder if always I have done this, what wrong is always doing what I do, what always makes the farmer and the ordinary citizen. That is the problem. Apparently we do nothing wrong. Everything is within the normal cannons, routine habits, common attitudes without consequences.

Not so unfortunately. If you are not convinced, visit Paulo Coelho. There are shameful activities, and is daily, billions of people in the world. Millions of rulers, politicians, merchants, unconscious that always do something against the health of the planet. Let’s look at our lifestyle, our proper consumption patterns, our time to make our activities in peace. Adopting secure technologies, auto – educate, investigate, enjoy our completely natural and ecological environment (human body and nature in perfect balance). Our seemingly normal activities, we are producing conflicts against nature, against our planet: waste of water, mixture of trash, combustion gases from truck, consumption of fossil fuel, bad electrical energy consumption, accumulators which poisoned and hundreds more activities against the planet Earth.

We are increasingly raising enormous pyramids of environmental problems in all parts of the world. Pyramids political, social, economic, cultural and environmental. I say we are, then we who have to do consciousness of what we do every day, since we opened our eyes, do something different and significant, then we will be leaving a better legacy to our children. It is our duty and obligation. Care! agreements in warming summits are simply agreements therefore everything is in our own hands.