The Recession

Again and Again "… the nation is now entering a deep recession that could be the longest and most severe since World War II. Consumers, who just a few weeks ago worried about rising prices now fear losing their jobs, and hence their sources of income. " "The car frabricantes think they will be forced to close at least 14 assembly plants and leave without jobs for some 230.000 workers … 20% of the 500,000 workers of General Motors in the United States are unemployed … " "But the decline is not only limited to the auto industry and housing construction, which has fallen by 33% …

By custom, the recession has begun to affect the entire economy." "Some consumers are so alarmed that they fear will return the conditions of the Great Depression of the 1930s. In those days it was thought that a massive increase in government spending and a portentous issue of money by the Central Bank (Federal been my intention to talk about the U.S. economy or global. I just wanted to see these horrific debacles are produced by certain trends in natural cycles. In 1974 we were at the lowest point of the "Triple Cycle" of Astronica of the time.

It is also true that on January 8, 2008 were at the lowest point in the same cycle, but the current date. You see, the economic conditions today are extremely similar to those of 1974. As we are at the very beginning of a new "Triple Cycle," to take advantage of trends caused by the effect of this cycle, which we have to do is to rearrange the balance of previous projects and plan the beginning of new goals. If you are interested in what follows in this series, whose duration must be between 30 and 35, please visit the Astron. Note: Astronica is not related to Astrology. Copyright 2009 Frank Desmedt