The Righteous

Adding a fashionable nowadays eastern flavor, I note that there is a this "Qi" and the yin side. During this flush, as the children clothes, has not kept pace civilized development of market participants. What is in short supply today? There is no general conceptual field. As training terms, and the meaning which it is embedded, vary greatly from coach to coach. I understand that it is difficult to give one single definition of training, but its characteristics should be evident to all. It would be so, surely, would not meet such gems as "seminar held in the form of training." No idea about the features and the appointment of training among the "virgin" in terms of Training experience, companies (if not strange, yet many of these) and among those who became customer would-be coach. Otherwise I would not have heard about the desire to accommodate the training groups of 30-40 people, to educate all at once at 5 years in advance, and even up to 1 day. There is an indestructible faith in all the healing power of training.

Type, that will training, and both the wave of a magic wand, everything will change for the better. Comes frustrated when they learn that in order to received the training skills are transformed into business results, we need a lot of work, primarily managers trained staff. Often confused with corporate training recreational activities. Use training as a reward for the righteous stick works. There are no clear criteria of quality training products and the criteria of professionalism of trainers.