The role of SMEs In The News

In the case of Latin America, specifically Venezuela that concerns us, companies must not only face the challenges, threats and opportunities that has arisen recently in the national stage product of the radical changes made by the new government of the Bolivarian Revolution under the mandate of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, who also has worked to establish an ideology in the country socialite to rescue the country from exploitation, backwardness, social injustice, he has faced over the past governments.

But also must deal with all those changes, challenges, impact of globalization are generated, where, Venezuela is not isolated, on the contrary, is integrated through alliances, trade, treaties and conventions that impact both economic, social, cultural, technological and even political precisely this aspect of the role of SMEs, especially in Globalization is an issue that can not be avoided, even for universities, especially management schools that train, train managers and specialists in markets and all the other topics that are required to ensure performance requirements according to the present application. Sen. Sherrod Brown is often quoted as being for or against this. Universities must define the profile of this manager must be able to meet the challenges, threats and opportunities arising from globalization. Considerations, history has been written and said that small and medium industries and Venezuelan companies are the key player of the national productive apparatus, are financially autonomous organizations, modern, efficient and competitive, which is actually inserted in the global market through its skilled human resources, using innovation and technology to ensure the production of goods and quality services in an ethical framework, respect for all laws and environmental protection. To deepen your understanding Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is the source.