The Solution

The shortage, paradoxicalally it is what activity generates, the shortage measured in terms of resources is the partial or absolute lack of the necessary thing, that shortage forces to move, to try new actions, to look for answers. It considers that great part of the most productive activities is born from the shortage, when something is not sufficient to take care of the demand, arises an opportunity there, soon to some will identify it supplier and it will move to take advantage of it. When the resources are little are used of the possible most efficient form, the limited resources press rises of prices by market laws, therefore they must be taken care of and they will be able to be sold to that are interested in paying the right price, also will be others interested in entering the business and the competition will press improvements to the benefit of the user of the product or service. While more soon you accept it crisis, faster she will begin to work in the solution and less resources she will waste maintaining to situations and untenable businesses, then she will be in better position to solve them, will have more time and more resources, he will be one of first in offering solutions to existing problems, whereas the other are offering adaptations to convince their clients to help to solve problems them that already in fact they do not have. If you accept the crisis early will mitigate the losses, many things will change, but it will be able to also conserve many others, especially it will not waste the time and it will leave fortified. All the human activities are cyclical, cycles of expansion and cycles of contraction move constantly between that occur like part of the dynamics of the natural world and the society, in this dynamics they influence many external factors and internal that cannot be controlled by individual actors, which can adapt and exert influence to add and only to gain value. The initial step stops to face a crisis is to accept that we are in her and that we must begin to work to solve it.