The Specific

On the other hand, the access to average education is deeply different between groups of the population: but 24.9% of young in the etria band of 15 the 17 years, of poor 20% of the population, study in average education, while we have 76.3% of young studying of richer 20% of the population (IBGE, 2010). As for the regions, 33.1% of the young northeast are in this stage of the education, while we have 73.3% of the young in the Southeast. Other expressive data are of 37,4% young blacks registered this level of education, while it has 58.4% of whites; only 27% of the young of the field of 15 the 17 years are in average education while 52% correspond to the school registrations of the young of urban area. He is well-known that it has a great evasion, also corresponding 61.6% of the registered ones (LINS, 2002). Such evasion can before be justified by the increasing search for ingression in the market of work exactly of the conclusion of basic education e, in the specific case of the women, ones of the biggest observed causes is the pregnancy in the adolescence. One also notices that it has left expressive of the pupils of average education in the public nets and private it is of the nocturnal period. The previous stage, basic education, however, most of the alunado one is registered the daylight.

It is verified that such inversion of study turns does not possess many bonds articulate that them, being this one of the reasons of the joint lack that acomete our average education in some aspects. On this Spider (cited for LINS, 2007, P. 43) it says: Between primary education and the secondary one it does not have bridges or joints: they are two worlds that if guide each one in its direction … This fracionamento without a unitary axle, with a dualidade of systems, in everything is harmful to the education.