The State

or European countries? But how many have their products? What we can not make out the glands decent car, or other products, the more we have to do everything necessary? The people have taken away everything that is possible. The fact that centuries painstakingly Straits 'river' sweat and blood of our forefathers conquered, were separated for several years, who, how much time: the Russian and foreign oligarchs, pumping billions into their pockets. And it is with you our oil, gas, natural resources metals and other minerals. Can you imagine how much money is flowing away by our pockets. And, in this scenario, the state still manages to collect us from the endless tax levies? Are we so easily give up, something that should be ours by right? The tax system does not allow to untie the noose around the neck of taxpayers.

Money appetites of the state are too large in order to reduce the tax burden, and that's have to 'squeeze' all you can, does not develop by giving domestic producers. Therefore, there is the shadow economy in enterprises. What else? Survive, it must be. Transport infrastructure is in serious condition. Roads are being built and repaired seriously only in the capital and close to her areas of road construction in regions almost completely forgotten. To experience all the visual road adventure travel far not necessary, just go outside of Moscow. Quite clear what goes tax payments or their car owners, after all, our officials pocketing skill? Corruption flourishes like a spider web permeates most socially important organs of the state: legislative, judicial, executive authorities.