These Extras

The number of air travel has increased in recent decades. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree. The planes were getting bigger and the offer on flights is increasing. Flights can be booked directly via the travel agents or airlines. Because there are substantial price differences, the passenger should get all the possibilities of the respective airlines and Charter companies. Meanwhile, there are also low-cost carriers.

Offered fares should be compared exactly, because just at the low-cost airlines much extra charge. These Extras include the line companies mostly in the price. Also, the passenger should check which airport is serviced. Because some airports are located far outside and more costs for the ride into the city. Some airlines, even 72 hours prior to departure must be confirmed 24 hours of flight.

It is important, because if the departure time has changed. The passenger therefore appears not in time for the departure, it expires Ticket and the passenger is not entitled to reimbursement. Air travel generally begins at the airport. The traveller embarks to baggage handling, presents his ticket and gives up his luggage. Then he receives a boarding pass. The Boardingtime is available on the boarding pass (at that time the passenger to the departure gate must be) the departure gate, the flight, the flight number and the number of the seat on the plane. During the flight, personnel, flight attendants, for the safety and well-being of the passengers is responsible. At the beginning of the flight, passengers with the safety regulations and the control are made familiar such as the oxygen mask and the life jacket. The passengers must obey the instructions of the flight captain, since he is responsible for the safety of the aircraft and the passengers. After the arrival and the departure of the aircraft, the passenger gets back his luggage. Should the plane abroad is to be landed, the passenger must advance through passport and customs control and to pick up the luggage a Once again through the customs control. Different transport classes are offered for air travel. For short and medium connecting flights, there are usually only two classes, namely the economy and business class. In addition the first class is offered for long mating. The names of the classes varies within the airlines. The tickets for the economy are preferred. The seats are narrower and the distance between the rows of seats is lower than in the other classes. There are double, triple, quadruple, and five rows. In business class, you’re already much more convenient, the seats are wider and the distance is greater, so that the legs can be stretched out. There are only two seats next to each other. The first class is more convenient and the service is even better. The seats can be turned into the first class to sleep in beds. Much more space available is the passenger. The meals are served on China dishes and glasses are available for drinks. In addition there are Air travel services for unaccompanied children who are looked after pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight. Also disabled passengers will receive a special care. The passenger can bring his dog, sports equipment can be transported and he can make special requests for the menu. If the passenger has a corresponding desire, he must share it with already at the time of booking.