Its effectiveness will be by a factor of creative insight and to find ways to further development of society. This will be the autocrat of meanings in the way of the warrior, who formulate the ideas that correspond to the archetypes of the people, will political reforms, including a church, raise the status of the service class, will refocus the economy on the domestic market, will introduce the gold standard of the ruble and out of all international treaties. By 2015 the country will find its a completely new historical person and acquire a stable long-term vector (400 year) period. There will be a complete change of the conceptual power. People will be judged on their abilities and practical matters. Country will gain a powerful ideology which 'mind and heart' will be for all peoples and estates, the society starts 'new Russian program' with a strong power and spirituality. In 2019 it is possible outbreak of the U.S. nuclear war against Russia.

Through the application of asymmetric weapons, the nuclear charges are neutralized, contamination does not occur and the war will end in complete victory of Russia. After the war aggravate all the conflicts, Russia, strengthening new faith and a new ideology, be exalted and become the largest manufacturer and supplier of information for all the peoples of the world. In one form or another will be restored commonwealth countries in Europe and Asia. 2015-2027 years in Russia can be call-found 'the kingdom of truth'. The Transfiguration of the country will occur as a circumstance of force majeure in defiance of attempts to control the impact from the outside, knowing the truth inspire in people's lives meaning, order and confidence.