Turkish General Staff Gen

After this, Erdogan ordered to prepare a draft law that would allow name change. Incident was over? So do not think the Turkish military. The Turkish General Staff Gen. Ilker Basbug in Trabzon on board the frigate "was assigned Flight" December 17 was made against the "Democratic Initiative" and supported the leaders of the nationalist opposition – Deniz Baykal and O. Oymena above. He said that his organization would do everything to fight terror.

He also noted that shows respect for the peaceful coexistence representatives of different cultures. "We need to strengthen the shared values to enhance public safety. It is also necessary to strengthen our unity and solidarity ", – said Basbug. And he added that "understands" O. Oymena feelings when he gave an example of counter-insurgency and the Kurds in Dersim Zaza. After this, 43 civil society organizations in the eastern (mainly kurdonaselennom) Diyarbekyr governorate issued a joint statement calling Oymena resign. Harik Pecker Diyarbekyrskoy of the Democratic platform, read a joint statement, saying that the speech Oymena took place in history as an example of shame: "We condemn Onur Oymena for his speech in Parliament, and all those who do not have enough honest feelings, but also the mentality of the NPF, and those who welcomed him.

" That is to say – the supreme leadership of the army, once one of the welcoming was the chief of Turkish General Staff! Alawite group in the Aegean province of Izmir – a city which is one of the mainstays of PDO, had also gathered to protest against Oymen and CHP. They held banners with slogans "Racist Oymen provides estimates" and "racist CHP, out of Dersim! ". The group also urged Oymena resign. Another tough response to the words Oymena came from the southern province of Mersin, which brought together various NGOs, including the Federation of the inhabitants of Tunceli. Members of the committee PDO (still not banned – approx.) Also held a demonstration in the town, holding placards which were Oymen pririsovany mustache Hitler. The group also chanted slogans to protest Oymena. Group spokesman and Chairman of the provincial department PDO Serhat Olmeza said that the statements are Oymena proof that for many years, the NPF led policy of denial and destruction. The group laid a black wreath in front of local branch of the NPF. The group then held a minute's silence to remember those who were killed during the uprising in Dersim. In the eastern province of Batman groups of people, including representatives of political parties and groups civil society, also laid a black wreath in front of the local branch of the NPF. Head batmanskogo branch of the Association of Human Rights and the solidarity of the oppressed peoples (Mazlum-DER) Murat Cicek said: "In order to democratic initiative was successful, Turkey has shed light on the sad events. We condemn Onur Oymena and mentality, which he represents, and we want all benefited the world. " After the speech, people Oymena Tunceli, mainly Alawites city also put up posters around the city, which was depicted with Oymen mustache Hitler. Fully article published on the website of the newspaper 'North Caucasus'