Twitter And Social Networking

Twitter is a popular service of microblogging, is to send ” Tweets” or messages with 140 characters that ” says to him to your followers; what these haciendo” But really potential him of Twitter as tool of Marketing of social networks is another one. The Tweets is used to share histories, in you lasso to photos, proocin of content, the news, rest and much more. Here you of jo 6 simple forms in which to twitter can be used in your campaign of markrting with social networks. Interchange of connections to interest articles. So soon you read something interesting in line on your niche of market, compartelo immediately with your followers of Tweeter.

Your network Constructs. Using to twitter it is a great form to construct your network since it allows to find and to follow people you with similiares interests. Tjese relations dento of your present network. The people in different networks followed use Twitter to connect themselves with their contacts of instantaneous form, instead of to use the instantaneous mail, Furthermore many people use Twitter to contact with their network during some event in which they are to maintain them informed in real time into some important event.

Re distributes the content of your blog. Twitter can be used to redistribute the content of your blog or page Web very important to create traffic and to maintain informed your followers when you update your blog. Comunicarte with your work party. If you are in a business multilevel you can use to twitter for comunicarte with your descendent and ascending line and to be all updated. Hiring of personnel. In the case that you have a traditional business and you need to engage personnel for your company, you can send a Tweet between your followers and ask to them that they send RT (Re-Tweet), osseous who resend your request between their followers. You reach to see the potential that has Tweeter?