Twitter Followers

In this case, it is preferable to use any image that is pleasing and fit as background. You could dwell more on this section, but I will leave it for another post. 4. Create a style in your Tweets Twitter is made by people and although sometimes, 140 characters fall short to express ourselves in full, If you must give a personal touch to our tweets, that express emotions and make our twitter experience more human. 5 Listen and be near this point although I’ve left in last place, has equal or more importance than the first. I think that closeness is a value that a @ must show if you want to create links with other people, and have some level of impact. It participates, shows interest in what is said and respond to what you say. 6 Shown respect by your followers I have seen how some users on twitter do not have in mind to his followers by the fact, that have reached a considerable number of followers.

Mentally, these users sit at a level above their followers and does not consider it necessary to pay attention to them. Let’s say that they have reached a level of celebrity that makes them inaccessible. This is a complete mistake. One of the features of social networks, in this case Twitter, is that it has destroyed the social hierarchies. Twitter is so easy to go to a politician or a recognized singer with the same naturalness that what would you do with any other person. In summary, considered as important as your 1st follower number 2000.

Ppara celebrities already this Madonna. In conclusion: be sincer @, shares, have fun and brings your own character to Twitter. This article has been written by Carla Delgado. If you think interesting you can continue watching more content in. And if you want to contact me you can follow me on twitter @Carladelgado can copy and distribute this article in your websites always and when intact the entire contents, including the active links.