Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy

When we realize that Obama has the Koran under his arm, his outlandish orders cease to be incomprehensible, and absolutely everything fits perfectly in place. His decisions on intelligence, or rather misunderstanding (to close the offices of the CIA interrogation), and international politics (reach out to Iran and talk of moderate Taliban), they only serve to weaken the United States and benefit the hordes of Mohammedan. For a Muslim is more transcendent Allah and the fate of their 1. 500 million of brothers who already control 56 nations, the 300 million white Americans, to which Obama and his wife always despised. Who can accelerate the Islamic rule on the planet better than the U.S.

president? How do you explain that being in the midst of a massive economic crisis, whose effects are still not feeling real hard to choose the Palestinian problem as a priority of his government? Do not see what happens with the collapse of markets in the country, unemployment, bankruptcies, and what happens on the Mexican border to drug cartels and illegal immigrants? Appointed the most notorious pro-Palestinian diplomats to mediate in the conflict, as if it were a private matter also of the United States feels landlord. The emissaries have already begun to press hard on Israel to yield to the ever unsatisfied demands of the Arabs. Maybe it’s time for the White House to stop interfering in the life of the Jewish state. Who needs an ally that gives them billions of dollars to their enemies, and argues for them being at war? Similarly, does a NATO member states decided to abandon their partners to their own devices, without missile defense systems, so that Russia and Iran will strengthen and threaten Europe? Who in Latin America needs a leader of the free world who is willing to compromise with Cuba, legitimizing the most reactionary and murderous dictatorship in the continent? With Obama in power, Venezuelans, Bolivians, and other victims of the dictators neo-communists, pro-Islamist, you can forget seeing a change in government in their countries.