United Nations

Having as cloth of deep propagation of evangelho, still transmitted a series of behaviors and knowledge on the colonial economy. Being about legal rights, the first Brazilian constitution of 1824 guarantee a primary and gratuitous education for all Brazilian citizen, even so little carried through in favor of this affirmation. In 1930 with Vargas to the power, one initiates a process of social transformations and politics that had allowed to the establishment and consolidation of the public education. The Federal Constitution created the National Plan of Education and the education of adults to have for the first time was it of the State with offers of gratuitous primary education and obligator frequency. The escolarizao of Young Adult gained importance and particular treatment. Some institutions politics had been created no longer final of the decade of 30 as: the INEP? National institute of Pedagogical Studies, that through its studies and research made possible the creation of the FNEP? Deep National of Education Elementary school; the first workmanships directed toward supplementary education and the CEAA? Campaign of Education of Adolescents and Adults.

These initiatives had allowed that the Young Education of Adult if firmed as a question the national level. In the international plan, UNESCO? Organization of United Nations for the Education, Science and the Culture, recognized the works that came being carried through in Brazil and stimulated the creation of new programs. From 1940, the State increased its concerns and attributions and responsibilities with regard to young the adult. Such expansion associates the picture to it of the social rights and the citizenship, therefore the great popular masses were urbanizavam and demanded better conditions of life. With the establishment of the desenvolvimentista national State in 1946, it had a change in the aspect politician of Brazil, passing of an agricultural model for an industrial and urban model, generating the necessity of the qualified and specialized man power.