United Russia

Moreover, given the contemporary realist thinking masses, one of their number does not hope and do not believe that then, in "Kingdom of Heaven" to them for their backbreaking labor and clearly undeserved humiliation and trampling on the ground, will be rewarded in full, and the "new Russian" and their modern receivers' confidant of debauchery ", they have lost everything and forever will be punished by "God's court." The current "imposed" government psevdodiskussiya only confirms the above. "Removal of the body" will be only in order to completely "besotted" people "forgot" about Lenin, who, by their entities and policies, was far more "Christian" than modern, "illiterate" in this sense, the rulers, which alone can that "recreate" the stolen money for the people's Christ the Savior, but with thick candle and nothing expresses the person issuing them a clear lack of understanding of its place here, to stand in church on Easter. A immoderate detailing the facts and details in some of the comments only "leads" reasonable person of the true foundations of the processes. So ladies and gentlemen of the United Russia and especially catapulted this idea in order to completely normal people, not discussing the urgent at the present stage Russia's development challenge, fascinated by the controversy, "gnawed" among themselves. Let the "tear the throat" with each other over the long-dead, fewer will think about the present. The question of the removal of Lenin's body is a purely political action distracting people from the problems of modernity against the background of today's personal dislike of politicians to the deceased.