United States

The strategy has failed to Israel to use force of arms, trying to shy away from political concessions necessary: deliver part of the occupied lands, without reason, little by little. Therefore the problems raised in the Middle East should be oriented to the policy, and not the antagonism between territories and freedom. Israel must return to the borders established in 1967, with some modifications, but giving freedom to the millions of Arabs who settled in the West Bank, which have nothing to do in this burial-unnecessary death of children, women and the elderly. However, EE.UU. It is not the work, because it is the first largest producer of weapons of the world, and weapons have to sell them.

American politicians – their Governments – have always spoken there where the white petroleo-oro – is: they supported the Shah of Iran, and encouraged the Iranian revolution; He started, and not ended why can not, the Iraq war, which today in day has become a civil war in fact-before had supported Sadam Husein against Iran- and, finally, when it deployed troops in Saudi Arabia, without knowing it, favored the politica-fundamentalista creation of Al Qaeda. If we do a timely reading, we can certainly understand that United States has as its primary mission make sure oil supply and its control for their own enrichment. We see, we observe, check a brazen maneuver in the Persian Gulf region, and always in union of England. (Source: Connecticut Senator). But the key to oil supplies is peace and not war by war. But you go to convince those mindless Americans, politically speaking! (Is one understanding us.)UU. (will never be left without oil, albeit sacrificing innocent human lives and their own soldados-educados in its military academies to save and do honor to his country-more them – politicians – betray them, to make believe that there is an axis of universal evil which must be destroyed.) All This, no doubt, gave rise to the promotion and creation of a fundamentalism radical and uncompromising, involving some Israeli Jews, Americans, Muslims, Christians who are hardly controllable in the short term. .