United States

This invasion was not necessary: the lifting of the blockade had stopped safely, the launching of the rockets, as they recognize numerous Israeli analysts. A purely military action may materially destroy the Hamas organization, but will not start their roots. Before well, strengthen them. Palestinians in Gaza know to distinguish between those who have bombed them indiscriminately and who are striving to alleviate their everyday hardships, and showed it to freely go to the polls in January 2005, and give the victory to Hamas. A new generation of Palestinian terrorists is forming now among the smoldering ruins of Gaza.

Everyone can suffer some day the terrible effects of his despair. Israel – and it follows the steps of its hegemonic ally – believes that all problems have military solutions and that force is the best way to resolve them. Amazon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Now, in Gaza, shows that only can apply the tactic to win a war (if this name applies to the invasion of the) territory) but disdains the strategy that someday could lead you to peace. His legendary capacity for political maneuver is already discredited: combats the symptoms without addressing its root causes. It is the best formula for long-term failure.

The BBC correspondent in the Conference that gathered Sunday in Egypt last several leaders involved in the peace process, including the President of the Government of Spain, wrote: we all know that if the peace process gains new life and rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of operation cast lead, the only person capable of achieving it will be Barack Obama. The absence of United States in this Conference was palpable. And the final conclusion which is obligatorily reached is bleak: If everything depends on a person, that have been made fall out expectations, the chances of failure are very large. Is not, in the world today, no trace of those personalities that made possible, at other times also difficult, beneficial for all mankind transformations.