United States

Blessed are those who believe. It is about faith financially. Citizens of 24 countries were asked to answer the question – will improve if their personal financial situation over the next three months? "Yes," said 40% of Kuwaitis, 36% – Russia, 34%, China – 30% – United States. The most pessimistic were residents of Iceland and Japan, where 42% and 39% believe that their financial situation will deteriorate. (Well, Iceland is clear – a bankrupt nation, but Japan … An alarm). European Union "bypassed" the size of the U.S.

wealth. This was evident glee with media reports in Europe and Russia. Apparently, they do not know – or hiding from you – the EU comprises 27 countries with a total asset of $ 32.7 trillion. And under the "U.S." mean in fact the U.S. and Canada, which in total was more than $ 29 trillion. And yet, in the U.S. is still the most family-millionaires – almost 4 million in Japan – is 3.5 times smaller, and in China is less than about 10 times.

In the "ten" as Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Spain. In Russia the share of wealthy families around 0.3%. Child labor in China. By purchasing a relatively cheap Chinese jacket, you are unlikely to suspect that they sewed her children. Per hour of work children are given on a yuan – that's $ 0.15. About any modern technologies for the most part made in China are not talking. Regions of China, continues to offset the technological backwardness massive cheap labor.