Universal Smart Card

Thus, to obtain public services in the above situation, the applicant must apply to a notary public for notarized copies of documents required for submission to state authorities or local authorities. Copies of these documents in electronic form must be notarized with Using his signature and made available to the applicant. After execution of notarized documents in electronic form, the applicant will get an opportunity to send a Universal Smart Card, using the appropriate documents in the public authority or local government using the Internet or remote access machines. Getting the public services by an individual through a notary. In the case where for government services is required to provide original documents (for example, requires a passport for affixing the required stamps in it), as well as in the case of the applicant’s desire to get the service on applying for government services or eliminate the need for personal involvement in the provision of public services, public services receiving can take place without the personal involvement of an individual through a notary. In order to receive this service, simply refer to the notary to give him all necessary documents, and after the procedure to get a notary required documents. According to the authors of the bill, obtain government services through a notary is the best option for government services for the following reasons: – the option of obtaining public services eliminates the need for immediate contact the individual with the officials carrying out the procedure for granting public services (which in turn significantly reduces the degree of corruption in this sphere) – Notaries, having special knowledge of normativano legal regulation, greatly simplify the work of government bodies and local authorities, saving time for the provision of public services at the expense of high quality of the documents – notaries to act on behalf of the applicant and interested in the possible shortest time to get the result of their service, which will encourage them to seek from officials involved in the the process of government services, execution of its powers in due form and time frame. Source: Pravo..