Vilma Socorro Martinez

Brazil was no longer valid interlocutor and Ahmadinejad since Lula embraced, kissed and tinker in Brasilia. And Argentina was at its lowest point with the United States when he was president Nestor Kirchner, dropped many additional steps since his wife took over. Cristina does not know anything about anything other than bags, but the least understood is foreign. Since Democrats named their new U.S. ambassador in Buenos Aires, Vilma Socorro Martinez, progressive, and Latino women, like Kirchner, so they can sympathize. They have all gone wrong. The last collision with Washington came when Arturo Valenzuela, a Chilean-American manager monitoring the ties between Washington and Latin America, said that in Argentina there is no legal certainty.

The comment was not ruined. The multinational Kraft aggressive attacks suffered by firing employees union. The picketers by profession, they do what they want against anyone, with government consent. La Casa Rosada jumped to the roof for the comment, to the point that Jorge Taiana, Minister of Foreign Affairs, called for Washington to retract. Demand political complexes typical Third World village.

Bolivians acted as before to break relations with Uncle Sam. The Argentine government’s resentment toward the United States is no different to that of Bolivia. The first because it is believed more, and second because they know less. According to another survey by The Nation, 90 percent of Argentines believed that actually there is no certainty in the Argentina. Obviously where there is no certainty there can be no physical security, and crimes are daily lunch, cynically exploited by the media sensational live exclusively on it. However, although the Brazilian and Argentine governments are on the blacklist are still on the list. The Bolivians are in the cesspool of international relations and are asking for diplomatic assistance to their ideological partners, to improve its link with the hated gringos. Bolivia needs to employ thousands of workers living textile exports to the United States. Bolivian apparel are among the best quality in the world. The multi-million dollar export firms such as Ann Taylor, The Gap, J. Crew, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Polo and other frontline brands, have been stagnant or limited due to the breakdown of trade agreements that existed before Evo Morales took power. United with his fellow socialist, Argentina and Brazil asked the United States restored to Bolivia (Andean Trade Preference Act and Drug Eradication Act) that rewards the counternarcotics efforts of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru with a tax exemption for exports. The subtle difference is that in Bolivia the drug trade is booming, and the United States will not change its customs policy unless the Bolivians to leave crime. That means the eradication of coca fields, an issue that directly affects that Evo Morales is the leader of the coca growers, with whom he formed his constituency and his party. Later would come the trial of the manufacturers and the drug traffickers more accomplices, including the police and other authorities, including the president and his ministers. Lula intermediation insincere and corrupt drug dealer Kirchner in favor of Morales, simply serves to highlight the race of those leaders. Latin America has never had people of such low ilk in power as the current wave of progressive leaders.