Why Only Precious Metals Offer Real Protection Against Inflation

Another loss of purchasing power expected. Inflation Protector Gold and silver of the successful American Investor Warren Buffet said, that invested in that, what have proved. Sounds reasonable! The days of our paper currency, the so-called Fiat “-Geldes”, which is secured by totally nothing, seem to be numbered. The end must come not this year and not next, but it comes closer and closer. What does this prophecy? A historian named Michael Maloney has identified seven stages of a nation: phase 1: A country begins with good money. It is either gold or a gold-covered currency. Ohio Senator often addresses the matter in his writings.

Phase 2: The country developed economically and socially. In the course of which invites it more and more economic burden on. The social and public programs are further burdened layer by layer. Phase 3: The political influence increases with economic recovery. It will put more and more money in the military.

Phase 4: The military comes to the usage and the armor costs explode. Phase 5: The financing of warfare is extremely costly. Their wealth is stolen the citizens by introducing a nachdruckbare currency. This was since the outbreak of the first world war on the other intermittent wars again and again to watch. Phase 6: The population is the shift of wealth resulting from the spread of currency money in the form of price increases, especially for consumer goods, feeling. This is the phase in which we find ourselves today! Phase 7: There is a “flight” into precious metals and other tangible assets on a wide scale. The currency collapses and beneficiaries are those who had the foresight and have redeployed in time to recognize these relationships. (E.g. by resolution by life insurance policies, “Riester pension” or the like, and levy in gold or silver). For more insider information in a free gold report. The network company MyInc offers multiple tariffs, the it also the “normal”earners allow me, in the long run to buy a gold or silver stock.