Wooden Floors

Work on leveling floors can be divided into 2 types: 1.Vyravnivanie wooden floors. 2.Vyravnivanie floor on a concrete base. Consider the performance of work on alignment of wooden floors. Typically, such works are carried out in the repair of apartments St Petersburg with a wooden floor or in the old fund. Work on alignment of the wooden floors are carried out in several stages: 1. Richard Blumenthal is likely to agree. Dismantling of floor coverings.

2. Dismantling of black sex. 3. Cleaning floors of debris. 4. Device lag under the subfloor. 5.

Device subfloor. 6. The device is pure sex. In the production of dismantling the old floor in the old fund should carefully observe the safety precautions. This is due to the fact that, when produced Work on dismantling the black floor bottom floor, which is a black ceiling for the downstream areas, it is often already rotten. That is, if you walk on the overlap of the device without installation passes, then you risk just fall to your neighbors. Repair of apartments St Petersburg in the old fund requires caution! So, we made the dismantling of the black floor and cleaned the bottom floor of debris is now necessary to produce installation of the lag for the new subfloor. Joists must be installed in increments of 35-40cm for rigidity and strength of black sex. Execution of works on installation lag requires special care. Joists must be installed so that they located in a strictly horizontal plane. This requires the use of specialized monitoring devices. After installation, the lag is flooring subfloor. Between the lower floor and a new subfloor arranged noise and heat insulation. All material from which settles the subfloor and joists need to process an antiseptic material. This must be done for the following reasons: A) the material is protected from rotting. B) prevents beetles Dry wood borers. Next on the subfloor plywood is laid, which is a cover for the device clean floor. Execution of works on installation subfloor and the plywood flooring requires specific knowledge and skills, so that performance of these works are best left to the relevant professionals (such specialists can be found in any company whose services include repair and renovation of apartments St Petersburg St. Petersburg office). It should be remember that quality made sex – is the foundation for all subsequent repairs. For it is on this floor will be installed and interior partitions to be installed clean floor. In our next article we will discuss Work on leveling floors on concrete base.