Brazil: Politics and Media

Brazil has a long description of ' ' inverdades' ' , ' ' jeitinhos' ' , ' ' Facts questionveis' ' e, in occasions special, some facts that only can be defined as ' ' brazen canalhices come from the fire of the hell tupiniquim' '. This, practically, is part of the daily Brazilian. Unhappyly to forget and to attend the games of soccer in the sunday also. Until here no newness, the people only continue perceiving the things when all the excrement is play in the fan. The only thing that really moved of the old time for here is the speed of the fan.

If somebody wrote a book with all the crimes of the Chamber of Members of the house of representatives, Senate and Executive, some would call bible and probably, some years later, it would turn a pretty, full film of drama, sponsorships, threats, slaughters and watered romance the money of the contributor. If it had a vampire then, would be a perfect film, therefore it would obtain to call the attention I publish young to it? thing that the current politics does not obtain without involving basic bicycles and baskets involved in silk bows (false). Exactly although the possibility of this film to be fact, I know, and can prove that Brazil lives, at this accurate moment, its better moment politician who if has register. How already he was seen during finishes battle stopped between two certain senders, during the military dictatorship, one of these senders? if you do not know which you are, you ask to a bishop that uses tender, it you go to answer to know you? if he used to advantage to increase its area of operation, power and control being supported ' ' simpatizantes' ' of ' ' governo' ' in exercise? an excellent example of this vindication this in the great advertising that this sender gave the certain inexperienced musician who sang, at full time of ditatorial regimen, musics that involved ' ' calhambeques' ' ' ' sprouts legais' ' , without no species of mention of the civil laws.