Carrying Out Justice

Here it is that the days shorten in a chaotic world of lack of limits. the power that they withhold the force of the influence manipulable politics they permeiam the daily one of the nature of men who would have to fight for fairness in the social relations without longing for to receive in exchange one ‘ ‘ justa’ ‘ measure for its ‘ ‘ favores’ ‘ interesseiros, tending ‘ ‘ to wound of morte’ ‘ the ethics and the moral in the quality of true loving of ‘ ‘ jeitinho brasileiro’ ‘ , where valley to the penalty ‘ ‘ to give to receive in return ‘ ‘ , at opportune moment, they do not import barriers imposed for the laws, regulations, rules, norms, either there what it will be, comings of any established legal arcabouos in the land Of Nobody. It hinders them to nothing to continue perpetrating its practical mediocre tendenciosas, where ‘ ‘ to take off advantage of everything and all is part of its style of vida’ ‘. It will hinder who them? The motto that invigorates in the way of them is ‘ ‘ to be politically correct, focusing that she is necessary to yield stops later gaining something in troca’ ‘. E, stops the ones that do not usufruct of ‘ ‘ unscrupulous exchanges bizarras’ ‘ already they would be lost in ‘ ‘ forest of pedras’ ‘ , relegated the proper luck, under the will of that if they would put in charge to eliminate weak in the call ‘ ‘ election natural’ ‘. In the land Of Nobody the dissabores prevail of the disfarada omission of tolerance for that they commit ‘ ‘ equvocos’ ‘ , therefore ‘ ‘ all are human when erram, and what they would be when they make right? ‘ ‘ Since it is easy to traverse itself of humanity to commit ‘ ‘ sins and crimes’ ‘ , and to invoke the understanding of its fellow men.