Chaos In The River

Everything started has a century more than behind when, after the abolition, the rejected blacks for the society do not turn alternative if not to go up the mounts, since then this if became takes refuge for that they had been excluded socially. The fact is that this community that if it forms was ignored by the competent authorities. Without the support of the government, creative as the Brazilian people he only obtains to be, the skill was if to capsize alone, the inhabitants had obtained to establish services of light, water, telephony, among others, even so were not so efficient as the supplied ones for the government to the remain of the population, guarantee the minimum condition of housing.

The lack of basic sanitation, the inadequate transport, is only some of as many problems faced daily for the inhabitants, in a so devoid community, that it has only proper itself as support, was white easy for crime, that soon would become a system so organized how much you feudal in the average age, a monster that would engoliria the city years more late, a problem that could have been prevented, if the community that if it forms was neglected since the beginning. While this problem was only inside of? slum quarter? , the authorities closed the eyes, the sociologists closed the eyes, the anthropologists closed the eyes, but when the violence went down the mount, when the lost bullets had reached the building of the high classroom, when the shoot outs had been manchetes of periodicals in the world all, the government was obliged to take provides, mainly later that the olimpadas ones had passed to be longed for by the country, nothing could make dirty the image of the wonderful city. All these facts had culminated in the chaos state that if finds the card postal of our country. It is I validate to remember that in a war, all lose, but perhaps the reaction of violence of the part of the groups of dealers, either exactly an act of desperation before the destruction of its power. After as many years of total abandonment, they had been finally taken measured pparently efficient, with certainty much thing still has perhaps that to be made, but this is really the start of end.