Christian Politics

How much the influence of the Christianity in the politics, the concern of Maquiavel is properly practical and not theoretician. Its consideraes are made of the point of view of the function politics of the religion. In this Maquiavel scope it does not penetrate in the land of the theological questions, but is limited to evaluate it the paper that this belief plays in the politics and the decurrent problems of this. According to De Grazia, for Maquiavel the true religion is the Christianity, as much that, to the times, mentions it to it as ' ' ours religio' ' or ' ' the religion that in the sample the truth and true caminho' '. Of this form, who is deceived to think that Maquiavel adopts an anticlerical position, but yes a reformadora clerical position. In contrast to Marslio de Pdua, Maquiavel not if of to the work denying the linking of the papado one with God. It does not disapprove the secular power of the Church, what it criticizes is its incompetence in the hour to use it.

Therefore according to it, it does not show to sufficient force, decision and courage politics to unify Italy in the fight to banish the Barbarians. Maquiavel still affirms, that the majority of the wars that had been stopped by the Barbarians in Italy, had been in its bigger part caused by the Pontiffs, and all the Barbarians had invaded who it had been in more than the times called for them. How much to the function politics of the religion, on the other hand it is presented as a way for which the governor can carry through, on behalf of God, extraordinary things, and for another one, it represents the customs of a people, its education politics and moral. The critical one of Maquiavel to the Christianity must be situated in this context, that is, as a belief incapable to fulfill this double paper exerted for the old paganismo.