Creating A Print Shop To Print On Balloons

For the optimal choice of model and capacity of equipment, as well as accessories and fixtures for the regeneration of stencils, photo-illumination findings, making plates, packaging, etc. We offer the very beginning development directions "Printing on balloons in your business, identify the components of all directions, then you define for yourself what equipment to buy directly and what exactly will be engaged in your organization – you can cover the full range of services "Printing on balloons or just the components you are interested in direction. It is clear that each component – a single which brings profit activities. So components: Division sales. Production. Delivery of the pumping and distribution of balls. In turn: Sales Department performs the following functions: Campaign Services "Printing on balls" all available means and possibilities Reception orders, monitoring the timely execution and sending of orders, as well as receiving customer orders.

Aftermarket-processing clients. Standard procedures for conducting client base. Generation of reference for production department. ps of course, that the number of employees can be any of 1 to – At the discretion of the founder. Production of the following functions: Reception – its service department (s) sales. Billing deadlines orders according to schedule.

Preparation and configuration of equipment for printing, taking into account the optimal time-consuming and other means of production Regeneration stencils. Stretch fabric on the frame. Processing models. Direct execution of orders (print on balloons).