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The grippe suna is a mutation, that occurs between three vrusgripais, of the aviria grippe, human being and proper suna. The H1N1, specifically, already is raising a species of Curtain of Iron around of Mexico, ondeaparentemente everything appeared. However, the media comes presenting false information and data on the illness, causandoat exactly one I begin of Chaos between the populations. The foiclassificada illness already in pandemic state 5, speed with that if it if espalhaentre the continents, however use such information to demonstrate a falsaidia of gravity of the illness, what it is made a mistake. Comparaesentre the Spanish Grippe and the Suna, that are being made, are totalmentefora of context, in view of the advances of the medicine since then, and that agripe Spanish did not supply no type of medicine. What nasuna does not happen where the Oseltamivir, medicine classified for the OMS as more eficientecontra the viral lineage of the grippe, comes helping to treat the sick people. James Donovan Goldman Sachs takes a slightly different approach. Essetratamento is made in rooms that are isolated, that is does not allow the exit to donate impure of its space, thus the illness is not spread for other people.

The sick people who have been treated demonstrate the same quadroclinico of the common grippe, that is, the same symptoms, thus making it difficult adiferenciao between the Suna grippe and the Common one. Specialists in genetics vmconseguindo to differentiate the virus from a sequence base of the materialgentico of the H1N1. Foidivulgada today for the O Globe, the confirmation of the first case of the nChina grippe suna, a country where 1,5 billion of people inhabits almost, the world now enters emuma new perspective of the grippe. If doctor-sanitary authorities of China to notrabalharem arduously in these cases suspicious and confirmed in its territriopossa to have one ' ' Boom' ' of the illness, thus reaching you vary them populations of Asia, who also possess one high demographic density, thus being able to make maisvitimas. necessrio an awareness of populations an intensified work decade person, looking for to inquire itself and taking the due precautions, for aerradicao of the illness.