Analyzing the Epistle the Tiago, in the New Will, we can evidence some doctrinal rules. The divine goodness in them propitiates the experience of, while while still alive, to suffer provocations and suggests as remedy against these same provocations, the faith. It warrants that such suscitaes in the ones backwards the perseverance and it becomes in them mature before the life. He says that the man, while incarnate in this world of tests and atonements, searchs to find or to acquire the wisdom. Instruiz us to conquer it this so coveted wisdom with faith and without doubts. It comments the metric doctrinaire that the buscador that will have doubts behaves as the waves of the sea. Without faith it does not have firmness! The letter only makes warnings for that they undertake the search for the appearance.

The buscador can be deluded with the beauty that if manifest, moving away itself from the considered objective. It alludes to the law of the grass of the field, when the sun makes to wither the beauty of the rose. Quotation, still, that the temptations and deceits that we suffer in our day are attracted by our proper thoughts. It warrants that the action is more important of what the knowledge and the wisdom. Having in the being the practical one of the fraternal and humanitarian action it does not stop with the fellow creature, the search finishes with the ego, a dilatado giant, acting only stimulated for the intellect, looking at oneself in the mirror itself, uselessly, in the mirror of Narcissus that, as it is known, got passionate itself for its proper beauty, being born the Narcissism.

The man who only uses the erudio without the experience of the rectifying action, runs the risk to be so heavy as the wings of albatroz, that it falls and it walks in the deck of the ship, when still could be flying. The freedom alone is conquered through the action and of the experience, according to a doctrinal code. Apstolo still says in them of the roupagem of the rich one and the poor person, used for the souls in its manifestations while still alive. It so only serves to mark the designs of the Supreme one, therefore all we have value, independent of the used roupagem the same. In the truth, the incarnate is the valley for one’s actions, goodness and code of honor.