French Socialist Party

The President of the French Republic has called on the political class in your country that take the Spanish example. It refers to the agreement between PP and PSOE so France demonstrates that politicians want more to his country than their parties. The French Socialist Party is contrary to the reform of the country’s Constitution to include in this a deficit limit. The President of the Republic of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, has pointed out that I would like that French politicians should take example of the two biggest Spanish parties to arrange a constitutional reform for the sake of budgetary stability. To my would also like that in France the politicians wanted more his country wishing their parties, more general interest than their personal situation, said Sarkozy on a visit to the Department of the Vosges (northeastern France). The French President is rria to its willingness to include a rule in the country’s Constitution so that all Governments have to adhere to objectives of fighting the deficit, project that collides with the refusal of the main party of the opposition, the Socialist, whose vote would be indispensable for the adoption.

In this context, the French right j resorted to what is happening in Spain with the reform: when the Spanish Socialists and the Spanish right have reached agreement, is my fault? It is not, because the Spanish Socialists and the Spanish right want more to his country than their parties. The French Parliament passed a draft law that foresees anchored in the Constitution the obligation to set goals to achieve budgetary balance on July 13. The draft law, known as the golden rule, was adopted in the National Assembly with the votes of the parties that support the Executive, the Union for a Popular majority (UMP) and the new Centre (NC), while the opposition rejected it. To be adopted definitively the project requires the support of three-fifths of the two legislative chambers, one majority which in principle is not guaranteed since the opposition has repeatedly ruled against. The question now is whether Sarkozy decided to convene a meeting of the Congress (a meeting in Versailles of the deputies and senators) to verify if the constitutional reform obtains the required majority. At the moment, is an issue used by the right and the left in discussions with regard to the electoral campaign for the presidential election which will be held within eight months. Source of the news: Sarkozy calls French politicians that set in Spain for the reform of the Constitution