Iberian Winter

The classic version and socially accepted, including the just punishment of the cicada for not working during the summer, came to say: "The ant works all summer to stock bearing the heat ahead of winter. The cicada however, thinks that the ant does not know how to enjoy life and spends the summer singing and dancing. When winter comes, the ant has food and shelter and the cicada ends up dying of cold and hunger because they were not sighted. " But times have changed and socially reject the idea that the ant had everything needed and the Grasshopper calamities happen although having worked at all. If Samaniego alive today, he would have to write a new version of his story: "The ant works all summer ahead of winter, your house is built and is supplied with grain; the cicada while, enjoy and laugh ant and what it is sprinkled. When winter comes, the ant takes refuge in his house and the shivering grasshopper comes to the media to ask whether it is right that the ant has room and board, and she did not because it has not been lucky in life.

The reality TV show organizes a bet with the cicada swarm around the entrance to the cozy and warm, and even manage a reporter access to the inside showing the table full of food and asking if it considers the ant to the grasshopper just go cold and hungry . The ant replied that she has spent all summer working, which makes it an unpopular character. With the cameras live, is raises the question of whether in a developed country like ours can be left to suffer the poor grasshopper. They begin to meet all kinds of associations in their defense, and the press publishes articles which questioned the way in which the ant has been enriched. The media pressure makes the government imposed taxes on the ant to the grasshopper can live without work and respect their way of life and cultural heritage. Even issuing rules for ants recruit to cicadas in summer as carriers. The following summer, the ant moves and leave your home free because payments asphyxiation.

The cicada has arrived once again be the summer the good life. When winter comes, the ant's house was totally abandoned and began to be occupied by all kinds of insects. Again this raises another debate and explores the reasons for the failure of the measures taken. "How many cicadas produce our society today? The fashion television programs, extol characters that are not known any occupation, promoting students without reading courses a book, our country towns and artistic heritage was abandoned by the negligence of owners and institutions, children are accommodated with their parents until the age of forty and ants are socially rejected. The joyful laziness is evil of our time, the fate of the Iberian people is their total procastinacion, and its goal is the enthronement of the cicada, in the end we have transformed the vices into virtues.