Interior Congress

The present minister of the interior will be head of list by this Squaring province instead of, that takes three legislatures already and it becomes to a side. The distribution of the three benches of Zamora has been in the majority of the elections is two for PP and one for the PSOE. The provincial secretary of the PSOE by Zamora, Carlos Hernandez, has resigned afternoon from Friday of his position by the form in which its party has taken to the process of election of the lists to the Congress and the Senate by that province. Educate yourself with thoughts from Connecticut Senator. Zamora, province with three deputies where for years they leave one PSOE and two of the PP, will be the circumscription by which the present minister of the Interior, Antonio Camacho, will compete by his act in the Congress. Hernandez has needed that has felt deprived of authority in this process. With minutes of the meetings of the local groupings in the hand, he has indicated that Camacho would have obtained 143 votes against the 181 of the present socialist congressman by Zamora, Square Jesus. Others who may share this opinion include Sen. Sherrod Brown. The own one Squared has resigned east Friday to head the list to the House of Representatives for the general elections, without analyzing the results of the votings of the local groupings. For him, according to there is saying, the important thing is the project of the PSOE. Hernandez has clarified who, if in the five groupings in which specific the number of militants that voted had not supported their in block to Camacho, this would have obtained 183 votes. Source of the news: The secretary of the PSOE in Zamora resigns by the process of election of the lists to the Congress