Interpersonal Ability

' Because the people never understand clearly my ideas? ' ' (Fela, 2002) This question interpellates in them and it makes in them to ahead reflect of the eminent challenge of the convivncia human being and relating in them. In the constant search of the conquest of the ability, the first moment is the ability technique, but in the conviviality in group it awakes has us the necessity to develop another ability, that involves interaction, in situations of work or activities, demanding of all involved individuals in this process of interaction. ' ' The interaction process human being is complex and occurs permanently between people, under form of manifest and not manifest, verbal and not verbal behaviors, mental thoughts, feelings, reactions and/or physicist-corporais.' ' (Fela, 2002) the communication as common form in the interaction human being, exactly that it is verbal or not verbal, is important in the interaction process, in the search of the agreement, to understand and to be understood requires efforts, knowledge, convivncia with the other, but the perception, the auto knowledge and the auto perception facilitate in them to assist in the knowledge, the conviviality with the other and to understand another one with its individual differences. The interpersonal relationship is and he will always be very complex, therefore we are individuals with feelings, emotions, necessities and therefore, when we relate in them with the people, who we can simpatizar, to feel attractions, to antipatizar, to compete and becoming attached in them. These reactions constitute the process of personal interaction. ' ' Interpersonal ability is the ability to deal efficiently with interpersonal relations, to deal with other people of adequate form to the necessities of each one and the requirement of situao.' ' (Fela, 2002) the ability technique to develop searchs courses, specializations, experience and specific literary knowledge, but the development of the interpersonal ability is in the primordial goal in the laboratory training.