John Locke

It can be said that in the thought of John Locke it has two phases that more the people characterize: the state of nature and the civil state. This question is moved, over all for the necessity, that is, all has (DES) necessities, what to the times it makes with that some harm the other to carry through them. As Treated on the Government it is a workmanship that Locke wrote trying to decide some problems that politics of its country had in the situation. Inside of these writings it presents a group of people who do not obey to laws/rules and live in disagreements, wars and damages, therefore existing who does not govern all are owners of everything, desiring to many times the same thing that, to assume itself, is necessary the force use causing the times the death of weakkest. This, in accordance with the philosopher, is called been nature, each individual acting as its instincts, its necessities, not respecting the other.

When seeing this situation, the men had decided, in set, to transform the place where they lived in a society where laws exist and, so that they really are fulfilled had chosen a representative who was called sovereign (and the people in general of subjects). In this way the nature state gave to place to the civil state (cf. LOCKE, 1973, P. 41-48)