Latin America

It was one for several minutes, very relaxed conversation, relaxed the Venezuelan head of State stressed that Venezuela and Colombia have always had a close and cooperative relationship. Very positive his statement when he said making votes because the relationship to resume the road as in these recent years have always. I think that the encounter was friendly even could say that personally, the encounter between the two groups, who walks with me and the group that walks with Uribe was nice. As always, Chavez, take the opportunity to attack what he considers the enemy of Latin America, the United States, especially President Busch and publicly stated USA is the only one who wants the war in Colombia: wished that the UNASUR will achieve the Government of Colombia to resume the spirit of the Rio Group, who lived at the last meeting, in Dominican Republic. I leave either clear, that Venezuela is not interfering in internal affairs of any country, least of Colombia, and recalled that When it came to the Government, in 1999, he finished with frequent practice, whereby the Venezuelan Governments fighting irregular forces within Colombian territory.

In February 1999, I said that Venezuela is not more immersed in the Affairs of neighbors. Before Venezuela fought the guerrillas within Colombia, and said: we do not want that, we want to follow the path of peace; only that the United States is the first to be concerned that follow the war in Colombia. He took the opportunity to reiterate his claim that the show of the computers and the INTERPOL report is one more than the intentions of the Empire, which joins the attack military to Ecuador, which was planned and executed with us resources, since Colombia does not have technological capability to do so. It is one hoax again with interest to cause problems between neighbouring countries and slow down the process of UNASUR. He stressed to do a recognition to the Government of Colombia for having come to Brasilia and signed the Treaty of UNASUR, still with the differences expressed. But he warned that the situation in Latin America has changed a lot, with a historical focal change that will continue, because it is just beginning. Since 10 years ago has changed the situation.

I think that today has ratified a willingness to leave together, respecting the differences.It was considered that no one could expect that all Governments are in the same frame political-ideological. In the Governments of left today say they paint throughout South America map, there are different approaches, different grades, different speeds and rhythms. Beyond that, is the unitary will. Let us seek an operational integration. We are going to make an operational work plan and to comply with it, he said as one of the conclusions of the signing of the Treaty of Constitution of the UNASUR. He said that there is the need to deepen and form a strong bloc, a kind of accelerated, and stronger engine that drives all this toward the union operational. We are confident that this meeting really more harmonic relations, are given favorable to the two countries where both President handle his diplomacy with height, ensure peace, harmony, results that favor him and collaborate with the genuine Latin American integration. Original author and source of the article.