Market Group

For important distributor of high turnover of sales and how much market share occupied by the production – it is essentially immaterial. Therefore, manufacturers who care quality representation, market share, etc., went towards the creation of its exclusive brand teams on the basis of a distributor or through the creation of its own branches. In the first case, a sales representative of such teams, which formally working with a distributor, in essence, are employees of the manufacturer, and made the sale. Distributor is engaged in logistics, the brand team – manages sales. Brands and companies who have chosen the first way, fall into the general distributor price, which is not in vain nicknamed the "graveyard of brands" and in this price list are buried himself because, as experience shows, the general price list is very difficult to stand out. Over 50 SKU (stock keeping unit, position, unit accounting) for one trade – this is a mass grave. Distribution market is still little systematic and unstable – the work is just as convenient and profitable at the moment.

However, trends in distribution suggest that sooner or later, the manufacturers will pass on part of the distribution process outsourcing – in fact all the logistics services are transferred to the distributor. And among the distributors will survive only companies that can provide a single set of logistics; small, regional companies are likely to become extinct. The probability that a successful company, distributor eventually develops into production and distribution companies, large enough. If we take, say, alcohol market, the majority of the largest distribution companies, such as "Megapolis", "Bajadera" TD "Market Group" (a corporation "Logos") and other major national companies, distributors of alcohol in his time, selling the products of other companies have sought, naturally, to maximize profits.