National Congress Project

It imagines to delegate to the Fernandinho Beiramar the attribution so that it presents a law project to fight the traffic in Brazil. Inconceivable. Now, it imagines if it is possible to wait that representatives conceive and present project and reach a common denominator of consensus regarding reform truily coherent politics with the necessity and the requirement that the discerning Brazilian society complains. What if it can wait of such delegation, if there, in the National Congress, many meet of that had been elect for the spurious breaches that the system Brazilian politician perpetuates? Which of those in who vote and help to choose we would have the ombridade, the citizenship, the honor and good sense to lean over on the question with desvelo and ethics and to present we and to Brazil its civic and historical contribution? Which politician, elect to the vitiated system, will opt to excluding, in this project, the harmful resource that Mr. Fernando Enrique created, used and bequeathed the nation, of the re-election? Who, of that is there, it would have enough courage of aplacar the frantic dance of the change and, exactly, creation of parties to the bel pleasure, but inside of the effective electoral law? Who would restrain the gone one and coming of politicians of one for another one, exactly when the clamorous history of life denounces the ideological incoherence of the change? How can a large estate owner, a capitalist? to use distinct categories – to enter a socialist party, for example, in the expensive greater of wood? So that they serve the partisan ideologies, the party programs if are possible to go and to come here of pra there, as if its luggage of votes it was of particular property? Or same? what also he is very strange -, to be in the same place, but to unite themselves with adversaries, with which it stopped forceful debates, without explanations some to the electorate, who, probably chose, it for the opposition that made in its previous mandate? To only exemplificar, amongst as much other camalees, very recently, we had in Campo Grande an ideological reversion without necessity some of party change. .