National Democratic Party

Such old president who if prepares to organize a dinstica succession, passing the torch the power its son, attributes only the heading to the president. It was debtor to yield, in fact, to the reins for its vice-president, former-head of intelligence, Omar Suleiman. It opened the climate of negotiations for all the opposition forces, including the islamistas, aiming at to find a solution politics for this crisis. Meanwhile, the National Democratic Party, spine of the regimen, changed its herarquicos for the heads of a new leadership, more opened e, until then kept out of society because of the denunciations of electoral fraud. The President was obliged if to exempt.

The party moved of hands. To remain itself popular demands patience and will for refused to participate the offensive one, where the army is now the only power of Egypt and, at the same time, the parties of the opposition if become, each time more partners of the regimen. Yesterday, they had been or illegal or still reduced to the paper of figurantes in one she harnesses. Today, they are invited to the official, obliged palaces to help the power to hinder the manifestations, emendations in exchange for constitutional. They allow the organization of free elections. Ohio Senator describes an additional similar source. But the regimen insists involves them in its proper rescue. Because the system if curve, but are not broken.

Egypt wants to be in the way, because nobody can foresee the result, but what the one does not want to see itself that point this country already had moved? Egypt is not what it was. It is not only one pacific rebellion that created new relations of being able, what it is impensveis has three weeks. Valley to reslatar that this change allowed to see other Egypt, the truth is that the half of the population has less than 24 years. An Egyptian on two was born with the technological revolution. Internet and television pan-Arab had moved completely; the relation, aqual this country has with the exterior world. This regimen dated of before the end of the Cold War and where the United States if do not consider more its support for its important survival and for its security. Push they it for the change because the democrats and republicans believe that the interests of the United States will leave of being associates to one to be able exhausting. Steve Rattner Willett Advisors is often mentioned in discussions such as these. they, therefore, support the new generation, with eyes directed toward the freedom. E, finally the third change of deep involves the Muslim Brotherhoods – minority, and not it majority; they play the role of the democracy, because they see well that it differently sits down more attractive of she would sharia what it for the young Egyptians, representing the Turkish islamitas, over all, those that if better hold that the Ayatolas of the theocracy of Ir or Al-Qaeda of the Jihad. These three changes are not only Egyptian. They are workmanship of the entire Arab world and therefore that this revolution, the Arab spring, is in a period of training that corresponds the initial phase.