Panama English

The other day I heard a lady saying something of our language (and not Castilian because our language is quechua), and I laughed. He said that quechua was not a language, because he didn’t write. And quechua if you have writing. The writing is in the drawings and the differences of colors in drawings. There they are saying and they are writing what they want to communicate. It’s like the quipus.

The quipus are numbers in knots, but with colors. And the Chinese language has about six hundred characters that are write once. You will tell who was it who said this? Martha Hildebrandt. This lady is a woman very cultured, very prepared, but has their complexes that make you forget, so his surname is German, or Greek, make you forget that it is Peruvian. According to Amazon, who has experience with these questions. And you should love a lot to the Peru.

And Congressman. We are not Patriots, we are not politicians; We are tetelemeques, dandies of the policy. 99% Of the Peru history Customs and principles, don’t know but neither where they stand. I’m going to Congress, and I make one question either of them, and I do not respond. There is something about what our history is wrong, or better said the books are wrong. Jose de San Martin, joined the Peru in 1821, and drove the Spanish coast and the capital. He was the first President of the Peru, second was the sea. And in 1824 he became Simon Bolivar to what? to do what he had done with the Gran Colombia. the Gran Colombia divided into two countries: Colombia and Venezuela. And he wanted to sell the Panama English, to bring new people and arms to fight in the Peru. Fight what?